Prime Corporate Services Customer Reviews

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Entity Creation

"I would like to express my appreciation for your expert guidance and knowledge of a small business owner in my early stages of development, you have kept your schedule and have responded to any questions I may have. I look forward to learning more from you in the coming year.

~ Steve

"I have a small business now, and didn't know ninety percent of what was taught to me. I have to say, the step by step guidance as been easy to follow and doable.

~ Sondra

Tax Services

"I launched a new business last year. Signing up for the Prime Corporate Services Business Credit Program is one of the best and wisest choices I have made! This program has been a success as it has (1) started me on my way to increased benefits for my company, (2) provided savings on my business tax return, and (3) enabled me to establish credibility and independence for my company.

~ JoAnn

"Prime Corporate helped develop my business and are there to prepare my taxes and answer my financial questions. I would recommend Prime Corporate Services to anyone who needs assistance, no matter what their endeavor may be.

~ Donna

Corporate Credit

"With the help of this Business Credit Program & the superior guidance from Fred our coach, we were able to build up a business credit & financial stability in a very limited amount of time. We were uncertain how we were going to accomplish this, but with following the simple step by step approach, we now have the ability to obtain the financial security needed to grow our e-commerce business.

~ Brenda & Mike

"Prime Corporate Services gave us easy-to-follow instructions and we were able to accomplish all items necessary to establish our business credit with companies that report to Dun & Bradstreet, which is an important part of a successful business plan. We would recommend Prime Corporate Services to anyone who is interested in developing a respected business credit rating.

~ David