Entity Creation

Our entity creation process is designed to properly address state specific requirements to make the process of proper set up as easy and accurate for each client as possible. Tax Sentry has been creating companies for clients in a broad range of fields many years. Through the years, we have found that the entity set-up process is only half the battle towards a successful experience. Our process differs from other entity set-up companies, as fulfillment doesn’t end with the successful creation of the company. We concentrate on educating our clients as to what is expected of them once they have set-up an entity and then have the responsibility of operating the company. For most clients, creating a company may be their first experience with self-employment, keeping records, quarterly tax payments, obtaining business licenses, registering with the proper regulatory agencies and many other factors that all small business owners encounter.

To address the issues surrounding not only creating the company, but obtaining answers as to “now what do I do,” we give students access to our Tax Center website. There they can attend classes that help answer those questions and educate themselves as to the tax implications of being self-employed.

The entity creation process would address the following areas:

Entity Set-up:

  • Consultation with our representative to go over information to be submitted to the state and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is a hands-on discussion with the client and not simply a website questionnaire.
  • Initial name availability search
  • Submission of state required Articles
  • Submission of state fee
  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the IRS
  • Completion of a company governing document, such as an operating agreement or bylaws
  • Creation of ownership certificates


  • Access to our educational website
  • Access to our webinars, both live and pre-recorded, which include:
    • Entity taxation
    • Keeping company records
    • Real estate classes
    • Basic financial statements
    • Depreciation classes
    • Obtaining licenses from your state
    • Requirements of running a business
    • Quarterly tax reporting
    • Open question and answer forums
  • Newsletters
    • Tax
    • Small Business
    • Financial
  • Tax Information

Customer Review Highlight

"I have spent most of my working career making others successful but had little experience in running a business. Prime Corporate Services offered expert assistance. I have the confidence it will be successful to stand the test of time."

~ Tim