• Tax Preparation

    Record keeping consultation, tax return preparation, filing and audit protection.

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    Business needs assessment to help you determine the right business entity, as well as registration set-up...

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    Credit is critical to your business. We walk you step by step through the process of acquiring, building, and maintaining it. 

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"The key to paying less taxes is to find better insights into the complexities of the tax code. PCS will assign you a Personal Tax Advisor that understands the ins and outs of the tax code in ways that can deliver immediate benefits to your business." - Get Started Today!

Other Information

If you want more information on one or more of the 3 monthly tax tips, please email us, please include your name, area of interest, tax problem or concern, address and all phone numbers (business, home and cell).

Tax Tip #1

Do not keep property (other than a convenience bank account) in joint tenancy. Not with your spouse. Not with anyone else. (This is the most common tax-expensive error we see.)

Tax Tip #2

Do not put money in a pension or profit-sharing plan — IRA or other qualified plan — if you are rich or likely to become rich. Rich means you are in the highest income tax brackets (about 40 percent for most states, 35 percent for Florida residents) and highest estate tax bracket (55 percent). Sorry, but qualified plans are double taxed with the tax collector getting up to 73 percent of your plan funds. That’s $730,000 per $1 million. Ouch! (See number 5 below for what to do.)

Tax Tip #3

Do not be fooled. A will is not an estate plan. A revocable trust is not an estate plan. They are death documents. Your wealth transfer plan (if you want to legally beat the estate tax) must start now. While you are alive. Simply put, you need a comprehensive lifetime tax plan as part of your overall estate plan.